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Injector Pump is a subsystem of power of diesel engines. The system initially used in stationary Rover engines is responsible for pumping oil at high pressure, in generator sets and large ship machines, laterin smaller vehicles such as Volkswagen TDI trucks and cars, and its development is the responsibility ofthe Bosch group.

Injector pump for diesel engines, refers to a mechanical piston pumping system that works immersedand lubricated in the fuel oil itself thus avoiding major adjustments in the small pistons. The system issized to provide high pressure in the nozzle needle and thus overcome the air backpressure inside thealready compressed cylinder. This operation that happens at the time of compression and exactlyinstant that the piston plunger is located before the upper neutral, a predetermined amount of fuel ispulverized. In fact, it is the springs that press the closed valves that give in "under pressure" and releasethe passage of the oil, retained in the injector nozzle; it enters the combustion chamber and reacts with compressed oxygen.

Injector pump in-line - is intended to send the diesel under pressure to each of the injectors in perfectlyregulated quantities according to the acceleration of the engine and at the most convenient time for itsproper operation. The injector pump is built by: pump body with sump, visitor window and feeding collector. In the sander is the shaft of eccentrics (of the injector pump, which is not the shaft of motoreccentrics), the feed pump and the impellers. In the visiting window is the rack ruler and the pumpelements that consist of cylinder, plunger and shirt with toothed sector. In the feed manifold are thecheck valves and at the end of the rack ruler is the automatic speed regulator.

Rotary injection pumps - allows fast operation and smaller dimensions to inline injection pumps, aregenerally used in specifi c low-power diesel engines and for automobiles, which are applications with lowrequest for use, because rotary injector pumps have lower volumetric injection capacity than in-linepumps. Fuel distribution is made from alternating motion plungers that distribute the fuel to each of theengine injectors through a distributor. During operation, all its parts are lubricated by the fuel itself thatgoes into the injectors, requiring no additional lubrication system. The distribution of the fuel is made bythe displacement of the two opposite plungers, located in a head way arranged transversely inside thefi xed element which is the hydraulic head. This rotor assembly and hydraulic head constitute the pumpdispenser. The opposite plungers are triggered by the eccentrics that are in the housing of the bodywhere the rotor moves. Usually in the housing of the pump body there is the number of eccentrics equalto the number of cylinders of the engine. When in the rotor movement the opposite plungers are drivenby the eccentrics, they send the fuel under high pressure to the channels that are part of the distributorthat coincide in the well-defi ned intervals with holes in the hydraulic head to feed each of the injectors.


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